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Welcome to Datasaur, your one-stop web-based platform for streamlining the data labeling process essential for training sophisticated AI algorithms in NLP and LLM. Our platform not only enhances efficiency and accuracy in labeling with a robust set of tools but also ensures the utmost security for your data. Dive into our suite of services, from span-based to audio-based labeling and advanced LLM tools, all designed to empower your team and elevate your language models to new heights of performance.

Data labeling is a key step in training supervised learning AI algorithms. There are three main components for labeling data: the data to be labeled, the label set (sometimes referred to as the ontology or taxonomy), and the people who perform the labeling (sometimes referred to as labelers, taggers or annotators).

Datasaur is a web-based software platform that allows you to upload the data, apply the labels and collaborate with your labeling team. We focus on improving efficiency and quality while ensuring data security. In addition to providing a performant interface for all the above, we leverage state of the art intelligence to help automate your labeling work.

Datasaur supports the most common forms of Natural Language Processing (NLP) labeling:

Datasaur provides a suite of large language model tools that enable you to enhance your LLM output. Ranking and evaluation are critical processes in improving large language models, providing a structured approach to assess the quality and relevance of generated outputs. Through ranking, users can prioritize responses based on preferences, while evaluation involves detailed analysis and refinement of completions. Both methods are essential in fine-tuning LLMs to understand and generate human-like text with increased accuracy and reliability.

Right now our LLM suite is free for any user!

At the cornerstone of every successful NLP and LLM project is workforce management. Datasaur provides team management capabilities and reports along with a robust label reviewing interface for QA. If you are labeling language, you have come to right place. More questions? Email

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