Python Script Example

An example script to create a project via API by utilizing Project Creation Wizard (PCW)

Usage Requirement

  • This feature will only work in a team workspace.

  • pip3 and python3 CLI installed on the machine.


  1. Download or clone this repository and go to the directory.

  2. Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt.


1. Generate your OAuth credentials

The instructions can be found here. Save the credentials securely, we will use it for the next step.

2. Set up a project via Custom Project

We have five steps here. Set up your project until reaching Step 5 (Project Settings). Make sure all the configuration that you want for the project is set properly.

3. In the Step 5, click “View Script” in the top right corner

4. Copy the configuration by clicking the icon on the top right corner of the UI

5. Paste the configuration to project_configuration.json

The file is located on the api-client-example/create-project-async folder.

6. Insert your dataset for the project in the api-client-example/create-project-async/documents folder

All files inside the folder will be treated as the project's documents. Make sure you remove any files that doesn't belong to the project.

7. Run the command on your terminal to create the project

Navigate to api-client-example/create-project-async first before running the command. Note that this API only submit a job, not a synchronous process. Thus, we need to make sure whether the job is successful which will be covered in the next step.

python3 create_project \
  --base_url \
  --client_id YOUR_CLIENT_ID \
  --client_secret YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET \
  --team_id YOUR_TEAM_ID
# for windows replace \ with ^

8. Run this command to track your project creation status

The job_id will be given at the previous step along with the full command as the response. The detailed of this API could be seen here.

python3 get_job_status \
  --base_url \
  --client_id YOUR_CLIENT_ID \
  --client_secret YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET \
  --job_id YOUR_JOB_ID
# for windows replace \ with ^ 

With these instructions, you can successfully create a new project by using a Python script via API.

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