Version 5


26 Jan 2023

What's new 💡

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Can create duplicate dropdown answer by updating the answer in Project Creation Wizard.

  • Cannot handle a new user with a soft-deleted user's email appropriately.

  • Changing Workspace's name with more than 256 characters will stuck at submitting.

  • Empty project list if it contains a very large Row Labeling project.

  • Keep the questions of Row Labeling as the column headers instead of changing it to Q1, Q2, etc.

  • Next cursor jumps to unknown order ID (1, 2, 12, 115).

  • Re-importing Token+Doc Datasaur Schema doesn't check the checkbox value.


19 Jan 2023

What's new 💡

  • Automatically save a label for Bounding Box Labeling to avoid unnecessary progress lost.

  • Database migration to support Token-based Data Programming.

  • Remove hide menu bar button and file name bar.

  • Support self-hosted installation via Kubernetes with Helm Charts.

  • Update keyboard shortcuts dialog.

  • Update GraphQL schema to support Bounding Box phase 2 feature.

  • Update warnings dialog when marking a project as complete.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Add missing ID when clicking External Object Storage detail.

  • Answers (time question-type) that are meeting consensus are treated as conflicts.

  • An unnecessary blue overlay appeared on Cancel button after clicking Edit button for Workspace, and vice versa.

  • Cannot edit Label Set name.

  • Drawing bounding box is still allowed after the project is completed.


12 Jan 2023

What's new 💡

  • Enable or disable drawing mode in the PDF viewer for OCR project.

  • Support user soft-deletion.

  • Support User Management REST API.

  • Update API blueprint to support evaluation metrics.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Cannot scroll to the last workspace option.

  • The index number is truncated when a project has more than 100 files.


5 Jan 2023

What's new 💡

  • Improve Data Programming Labeling Function editor for Row Labeling.

  • Improve add extensions dialog.

  • Improve extension interface by removing "My Extensions" bar and moving show/hide extensions to the extension bar.

  • Update Go-to-Line dialog interface.

  • Update mark project as in progress.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Blank team admin pages while accessing it as a team member.

  • Cannot load projects when there is a trailing slash.

  • Cannot create Bounding Box Labeling project when documentSettings.kind (API request payload) is set.

  • Unexpected duplication when updating Bounding Box label multiple times.

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