Label Error Detection

Enhance Your Dataset Quality with Datasaur's Label Error Detection


Datasaur's Label Error Detection feature revolutionizes the way you approach data labeling by automating the identification of inaccuracies in your dataset. It flags potential label errors and suggests alternatives, significantly improving data integrity and model performance.

Key Features

Manual data review is notoriously time-consuming and prone to human error. Leveraging automated error detection:

  1. Boosts Efficiency: Seamlessly pinpoint label errors without sifting through your entire dataset.

  2. Enhances Focus: Apply a specific error threshold to zero in on the most questionable labels, optimizing your review process.

  3. Improves Accuracy: Receive intelligent label suggestions, enabling quick, precise corrections.


  1. Label Errors: Discrepancies or inaccuracies in the assigned labels of your dataset, which can mislead your model's learning process.

  2. Error Possibility: A probability score that indicates the likelihood of a label being incorrect, allowing for prioritized review.

  3. Label Correction Suggestions: Offering alternative labels suggested by the model for accurate and refined dataset curation.

Quick Start Guide

Unlock the full potential of label error detection in your row-based project with four simple steps:

Step 1: Enable the Feature

Activate the Label Error Detection extension from the Manage Extensions section in the right sidebar of your project dashboard.

Step 2: Configure Settings

In the Label Error Detection extensions (on the right side), configure:

  1. The Target Column for input text.

  2. The Target Question for labels.

Step 3: Run Detection

Ensure all rows are labeled before initiating the 'Find Label Errors' process. This might take a moment.

Detected errors in rows will appear in the Label Errors section. Adjust the error possibility threshold to fine-tune your review focus.

Step 4: Review and Adjust

Click the problematic rows from Label Errors section and make necessary corrections by editing labels directly or accepting suggested changes.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Feature Not Working: Ensure all rows are labeled, and the extension is properly enabled.

  • Incorrect Suggestions: Adjust the error possibility threshold for more accurate detection.

Happy labeling!

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