ML Assisted Labeling

Datasaur provide these service providers to help you label your project.

What is ML Assisted Labeling?

ML Assisted Labeling extension enables you to call open source models, LLMs, and/or your own model to automatically return labels. You can use this extension for span-based, classification, audio, and OCR projects. If you are looking to expedite your labeling process, ML Assisted Labeling is an amazing tool. It streamlines the model integration process and empowers you to easily automate your labeling workflow. So how do you set up the ML Assisted Labeling extension? It's as simple as three steps:

  1. Select a service provider for assisted labeling;

  2. Most of the providers don’t need any additional information;

  3. Click Predict labels to apply labels to your document;

For the Row-Based project type, users can select the rows they want to be answered automatically and then click Predict Labels.

Supported service providers

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