Datasaur's Search extension enhances data analysis by allowing users to search for words, phrases, and labeled tokens within documents or entire projects. It supports various search functionalities, including label-specific searches, regular expression (regex) searches, and exact word matching. By searching for a word or phrase, Datasaur will identify all matches in the document or project. These results are shown in the results list at the bottom of the extension. Why use the Search Extension? Bulk Labeling! The 'Label All' feature enables users to label all matching tokens in a token-based project efficiently. This form of bulk labeling and greatly expedite your labeling process. Furthermore, this tool is especially useful for projects that require detailed text analysis and labeling, improving accuracy and saving time.

There are additional settings that can be accessed by clicking on the Settings gear icon.

Search by Labels

Search by labels can be done by selecting the dropdown beside the keyword field. Once you choose to search by label, you can type out the label you want to search.

Search All Files

Search All Files allows you to search through all files. The results that are displayed in the results list will be from all files in the project.


Regex allows you to search using regular expressions. For example, men* will show all words that start with men.

Exact words

Exact words will show the exact matches only. For example, men will match with men but not to mentioned.

Label All

Label All allows you to label all matching tokens in the token-based project.

For example, type Walt Disney in the search box. It will show the number of Walt Disney instances in the file. Select Person on the label box and press the Label All button. All the Walt Disney instances in the document will be labeled as Person.

This applies to any setting above.

Go to next/previous result

To improve your convenience to check the result, you can use the arrow up or arrow down to go to the next or previous result. You can also click the arrow up and down at the bottom of the search extension to go next or previous result.


  • Search by label, search all files, regex, and exact word settings are available for the token or row-based project.

  • Label All functionality is only available on the token-based project

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