Microsoft Entra ID

This guide assumes that you have already enabled SCIM on the Datasaur app and wish to use Microsoft Entra ID as the Identity Provider for both SAML and SCIM integration.

⚠️ The push group functionality is still in progress. Even if you have properly configured the mapping on the Datasaur app, each provisioned users will be assigned as Labeler by default. The latest ETA is in April 2024.

Integrating SCIM 2.0 with Microsoft Entra ID

Enabling SCIM Provisioning

  1. Open your Enterprise Application which should be created when enabling SAML.

  2. Open the Provisioning tab.

  3. Set the Provisioning Mode to Automatic.

Configuring SCIM 2.0

  1. In the Admin Credentials section, do the following:

    1. Fill the Tenant URL: https://<datasaur-app-base-url>/api/teams/<your-team-id>/scim/v2.

      1. Replace <datasaur-app-base-url> and <your-team-id> accordingly.

      2. For SaaS Datasaur-hosted, you can use as the <datasaur-app-base>. If you're self-hosted, adjust accordingly based on your domain.

      3. To get the team ID, it can easily be fetched from your URL. For example, if you are currently on, your team ID is 1.

    2. Fill the Secret Token with the API key that you generated before from the Datasaur app.

  2. Click the Test Connection button.

  3. Click Save and turn on the Provisioning Status.

Provisioning Users to Datasaur

Once turned on, the provisioning process will run every 40 minutes. When the process starts, it will sync the state of all your assigned users to Datasaur.

If you want to skip waiting for 40 minutes, you can head to the Provisioning, then Provision on demand tab. Select the users you want and that should trigger the provisioning process for that particular user.

Assigning People

  1. Go to the Users and groups tab.

  2. Click the Add user/group.

  3. Select the user(s) you want to assign.

  4. Click assign.

  5. Wait for the provisioning sync period or provision on demand, the users should be added to the Workspace as Labeler.

Assigning Group

⚠️ As stated above, it's currently still in progress.

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