Mark Document as Complete

Mark document as complete allows you to know where the last labeled document was. This can also help you determine which documents are finished if you have multiple files in a project.

How do we mark a document as complete?

First, ensure that you are in a team project and open one of those projects with multiple documents.

You will see all the documents that you have in your project in the “List of Files” extension.

You as a labeler or reviewer can mark the document as complete by clicking the checkbox in “List of Files”.

In span based project, if you have some label classes that are not applied in the document, you will get the pop up dialog confirmation to confirm that some label classes are not applied.

Furthermore, you can also mark the document or project as complete by simply find the "Mark as Complete" button under the File menu or use the shortcut option.

If you mark all documents in your project as completed, there will be a confirmation pop-up to confirm the mark as project complete.

Additional Information

  • For span-based projects, there will be a pop-up showing zero instance label class when you mark a document as complete.

  • For document-based project and labeler mode, the document will be automatically checked if the required question has already been answered.

    • You can check and recheck the document to mark it as complete or incomplete.

  • Other than that, you need to manually mark the document as complete.

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