ML-Assisted Labeling

ML-assisted Labeling

ML-assisted Labeling extension allows you to label semi-automatically. By default, spaCy is loaded in. If you click the dropdown, you can change it to use built-in service providers, HuggingFace, or a Custom API instead.

Before using this feature, please ensure that your project is already has a label set containing the appropriate label set items. For example, you want to use spaCy. You should add a label set on the Labels extension containing PERSON, NORP, FACILITY, etc.

Multiple label sets

As we have multiple label sets capability in a single project, this also reflects to the intelligence site. Datasaur ML-Assisted Labeling feature will work properly if you are in an active label set.

For example, you have the NER label set and the POS label set in your token-based project. You are going to use a built-in spaCy model to help you label the project. Before you use the feature, you have to ensure that you are in the NER label set by changing the Label Set Dropdown to the NER label set. Then, spaCy can detect your labels

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