List of Files

List of Files

The List of Files extension is designed to enhance your project management capabilities by providing you with a clear overview of all the files you've uploaded to your project. This organized list ensures easy access to your uploaded resources, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

The List of Files extension lists all the files that you upload to a project. The files will be arranged alphabetically.

As you can see, there are multiple button controls in the picture above and each has different functions.

  1. The Search bar allows you to find specific files in the project.

  2. The Filter button allows you to filter out documents based on the status:

    • All Files

    • Only show the In Progress documents

    • Only show the Completed documents

  3. The Document Icon on the right side of the filename can be used to mark the document as complete. Press the button when you finish Labeling the document.

  4. The Up/Down buttons allow you to go to the previous or the next file.

  5. The Number Field at the bottom right allows you to jump into the desired file directly by typing the file's order.

How to enable it?

You just have to enable it by clicking the Manage Extension button in the right sidebar.

How it works?

With the List of Files extension, you can see, filter, and mark your files as completed or in progress.

Additional Notes

  • If your project contains multiple files, labelers will only receive and display the files they have been assigned.

  • Once labelers have finished marking the files completed for their project, these changes will not be immediately visible to the reviewers.

  • If you are utilizing the Split Files feature, the individual parts of the files will also be displayed here.

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