LLM Labs (beta)

Enable your integration with models from Datasaur LLM Lab

Easily integrate with models from Datasaur's LLM Labs. If you've already tested and deployed your experiment in the Datasaur LLM Labs Playground, we're here to help! Our integration allows you to use your deployed LLM Application from Datasaur LLM Labs to enhance your labeling process.

Accessing Your Deployed LLM Application in ML Assisted Labelling

Click here to learn about how to deploy LLM Labs Application.

Follow these steps to access your deployed LLM Application (from Datasaur LLM Labs) on your ML Assisted Labelling:

  1. Create a custom project for Row Labeling

  2. Click "Manage Extension" on your right bar.

  3. Pop Up Manage Extension will appear and you can enable the Datasaur ML Assisted.

  4. Once enable it, select "LLM Labs" as provider and you will see the following menu:\

  5. Target text: the column(s) of your targeted data for this ML assistance are based on.

  6. Target question: the column(s) you wish to answer.

  7. LLM application: your deployed LLM Application name from LLM Labs.

  8. API token: your API keys to access the deployed LLM Application. You can visit LLM Labs and go to `Settings` on the left sidebar, then select the `API Keys` menu.

Prediction Process

After setting up the above options, simply click “Predict Labels” to start predicting and obtaining labels from your deployed LLM Application from Datasaur LLM Labs.


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