Datasaur Dinamic

Datasaur Dinamic enables data labeling to train a model natively. It creates a ready-to-use model directly from Datasaur.


Datasaur Dinamic is an ideal solution for users who prefer to obtain a trained model directly rather than labeled data. It is integrated with Amazon SageMaker and Hugging Face AutoTrain. It supports row-based tasks with Amazon SageMaker and Hugging Face AutoTrain, and token-based tasks exclusively with Hugging Face AutoTrain.

Key Features

Using Datasaur Dinamic offers several benefits:

  1. Automated Model Training: Streamline the process of training machine learning models using labeled data.

  2. Efficient Labeling: Use the trained models for ML-assisted labeling, improving the efficiency and accuracy of future labeling tasks.

  3. Integration with Applications: Deploy the trained models directly into applications, enhancing functionality with precise data insights.

Supported Service Providers

Please ensure that you have a minimum of 10 rows or sentences of labeled data for effective utilization of Datasaur Dinamic.

Service ProvidersSupported Project TypeConfigurations

Row Based

Row Based and Span Based

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