Project Management

Project Filters

After successfully creating a project, you will be able to filter projects by tags, project type, created date, last modified date, status, and assignees. Some examples are shown below:

Project Status

Filtering projects by labelers and status can be useful in team projects. The detailed definitions of each status type can be found here.

Manage Tags

If you are planning on creating lots of projects with different purposes, you can use tags to help organize and find the desired projects.

Create Tags

You can create separate tags in each workspace.

Click the triple dots on the right side, then click Manage Tags

Click New Tag, type in the new tag, then press Enter on your keyboard or press the Create button.

If you want to delete an existing tag, hover to the tag and click the Trash button.

If you want to assign a tag to a project, click the triple dots on the desired projects, select the tag and click on Save.

On the example below, we assign Media and Artificial Intelligence tags to Articles project.

Delete Projects

Deleting projects can be done in two ways, delete one by one or delete all at once.

Delete a project

You can go to the triple dots in each project, then click Delete.

Delete multiple projects

Select the projects that you want to delete, then click Delete button above the dashboard.

Project Cloning

Good news! Now, you are allowed to create projects by cloning it from the existing projects. We believe this can save you time creating projects with the same settings.


We have created a COREF project named Welcome aboard!. You can click the triple-dots on the right side and choose Reuse Project Settings.

You will be directed to project creation steps. Notice that the project name is already been filled with [Copied Settings] suffix. It means that this new project will have the same settings with Welcome aboard! project.

📌 Please do note that this feature will only clone the following settings:

  • Task type

  • Task settings

  • Label sets / question sets

  • Any settings on Project Creation Wizard (PCW) Step 5

  • Any project extensions that have been used in previous projects

    • The project cannot be created successfully if you apply the ‘reuse project settings’ for a different project type. This is because the extension used for a specific project type might not support other project types. For instance, if you use your previous Row Labeling project and apply the ‘reuse project settings’ for a Span Labeling project, it won’t be supported.

You still need to upload the data and assign the labelers / reviewers as usual.

Share Projects

Sharing a permalink can be done in two ways: clicking the triple dots on the desired project and click the Share icon on the right-top in the labeling page.

Each member can use this feature. However, only members assigned can open the link.

For example, Project A has 3 labelers (Harry, Luna, and Neville) and 1 reviewer (Dumbledore).

  • Harry shares the link to Neville ➡ he can open it.

  • Harry shares the link to Dumbledore ➡he can open it, but will be directed to the Reviewer Mode.

  • Harry shares the link to Ron ➡ he can't open it, even though he's in the same team with Harry.

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