Transfer Assignment Ownership

Someone might leave in the middle of an ongoing project, or they may become unavailable and unable to complete their assignment for various reasons. Previously, there was no easy way to transfer their work to another person; instead, you would need to assign another member as a labeler, and they would have to start from scratch.

With the transfer assignment ownership feature, new labelers can continue the work from where the previous labeler left off.

Starting from version 6.57, transferring labelers' work to another member is now supported. This feature is available only for team workspaces and is disabled by default. However, we plan to enable it for all team workspaces in the future. Please reach out to if your team needs this feature, and we'll assist you!

How to: Transfer Assignment

Note that it is not possible to transfer the assignment to a member who was previously assigned to the project but then was unassigned.

Only workspace admins are able to update project assignments. They will also be able to transfer assignments, instead of just adding or removing new labelers from a project.

Within the project, admins can navigate to the File , Settings menu to access the Assignment tab.

If the feature is enabled, admins will see an additional column labeled "Transfer work to." Only the Labeler version is transferable, therefore only the roles of Labeler, and Labeler and Reviewer are eligible for transfer. Since Reviewers share the same copy of work among themselves, transferring a review assignment between users simply requires assigning a new member as a Reviewer, and they will be able to continue the progress.


Transferring work from one labeler to another will disrupt some of the analytics calculated, namely our IAA.

  • In the calculation process, label ownership is derived from document ownership. This means that after an assignment transfer, any labels created by the previous labeler will now appear under the new labeler's name. To inform users when an ownership transfer is detected in a project, a marker will be shown in the IAA table.

  • One of the primary reasons for this is that calculating agreement between labelers who may not worked on a specific file entirely (due to the transfer assignment) can skew the IAA result and lead to unexpected numbers.

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