Role & Permission


Our platform offers various role and permission settings to manage access and responsibilities effectively. Here's what you need to know:


Workspace Level

Roles at this level determine members' overall permissions and access across the workspace.


Has full access to the workspace and all projects.


Responsible for managing labelers and reviewers, but cannot change project settings other than project assignments.


Review labeling tasks. Can view all projects, including both assigned and unassigned ones.


Perform assigned tasks. Can view only assigned projects.

Project Level

Roles at this level are assigned on a project-by-project basis. If set, users will retain their abilities according to their workspace role, and the workspace role itself cannot be modified.


Review labeling tasks through Reviewer Mode.


Perform labeling tasks through Labeler Mode.

Workspace Role

Roles assigned at the workspace level are universally applied across all projects within the workspace.

To assign workspace roles to members, navigate to the Members page and adjust the settings by clicking on the triple dots.

Project Role

Roles at this level are assigned on a project basis, defining access and responsibilities within individual projects. You can assign project roles during the project creation process and modify project assignments from the project settings.

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