Label Set Management

This feature is only available for team workspaces.

This label set modification page allows the admin to manage and modify all the team's label sets! This new page empowers you to utilize previous labels and store them on your platform. You can do everything on your label set management page: save your current label set, edit each set, delete sets, and update them. The Admin is able to add, delete, and save label sets.

Add Label Set

There are two easy ways for the user to add label sets.

A. The first way is the user may upload their label set.

You may drag and drop the label set file into the dropdown area. Our supported formats are as follows: .csv and .json. For JSON files, please find below a sample of our accepted format.

B. The second way for a user to add a label set is to create it from scratch: The Standard and JSON sections work in tandem in this workstation. If you change the content from the Basic section, the JSON section will adjust accordingly: and vice versa. You can Insert labels using the Standard section or upload JSON files via our supported format/create them directly in the JSON section.

Update Label Set

Updating label sets can be done by following these two simple steps.

  1. Select the label set that you would like to edit

  2. Click the pencil button on the right side

Delete a Label Set

Deleting a label set can be done by following these three quick steps.

1. Select the label set (one or multiple)

2. Click the delete button above or the trash button on the right side to delete a single label set

3. Confirm the action

Save a Label Set to your Library

Saving a label set allows users to reuse a label set from a previous project. Users can also update a label set by replacing a previously saved label set.

  1. When in your labeling interface, go to your label extension

  2. Click on the three dots, then click on “Save Library”

3. Type in the name of the label set (the name must be unique) Choose a label set name and click Save. If the name has been used previously, Datasaur will offer you the option to replace the previously saved label set.

Select a Label Set from your Library

To reuse a certain label set from the library, you can select it from the Label Set extension in 3 easy steps:

  1. Navigate to the label set extension and click the triple dots for menu selection

  2. Click “Replace existing label set”, and chose “Select from Library”

  3. Chose your desired label set

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