Azure OpenAI


The Azure OpenAI Model Integration feature enables you to access and incorporate powerful language models hosted on Azure OpenAI directly into the LLM Lab. This integration brings the cutting-edge capabilities of Azure's language models to enhance your language processing projects.


You will need to deploy the LLM Model or Embedding Model via Azure OpenAI Studio, and connect it to Datasaur via API key and endpoint. You can’t deploy the model via Datasaur. Learn more how to deploy model in Azure OpenAI Studio.

  1. Navigate to the Models page under LLM Menu.

  2. Open My Models tab, and click the Manage Providers button.

  3. Choose Azure OpenAI as the providers, and insert the API key and endpoint, then click the Add credentials button. Learn more how to get API key and endpoint.

  1. If you already deploy their model via the Azure OpenAI Studio before connecting the provider, you will see a list of the deployed model in the My Models tab. To make sure you have the latest state, click the Sync models button. If you haven’t deployed the model on Azure OpenAI studio, the list of models will be empty.


  1. Click See Details for Azure OpenAI provider on Manage Providers Dialog.

  2. Click Disconnect. All Azure OpenAI models will be removed from My Models tab, and it will be not accessible on LLM Labs Playground.

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