We offer self-hosted options for customers that require even greater control over their data and infrastructure. The self-hosted solutions allow you to host the app within your own secure environment, giving you complete control and customization while still benefiting from the powerful annotation capabilities of the platform. If you are interested in exploring self-hosted options, please reach out to for more detailed information.

There are two primary approaches for self-hosting the app:

  1. Kubernetes with Helm Chart: This is the recommended approach.

  2. Docker: If you prefer using Docker without Kubernetes, it's also supported.

Below is a high-level overview of the installation process:

  1. Obtain the Artifact: Retrieve the artifact containing multiple Docker images required for the app.

  2. Prepare the Server and Services: Set up the server and all managed services, including the database, message broker, in-memory database, and object storage.

  3. Follow the Installation Guide: Start the installation process by following the detailed deployment guide, which will be provided by the Datasaur team. This step typically takes less than an hour if everything proceeds smoothly.

LLM Labs on AWS Marketplace

This listing is still in a private offer. Please do let us know if you are interested by reaching out to

Here are the steps to subscribe to LLM Labs on AWS Marketplace:

  1. From the product page, read through the description and details of the product. Then, click on Continue to subscribe.

  2. On the next page, read through the End User License Agreement and check the pricing of the product, then click on Continue to configuration if you agree to them.

  3. On the configuration page, select the Helm Chart fulfillment option, then choose LLM Labs Helm Chart. Select the latest software version. After that, click on Continue to launch.

  4. On the launch page, there will be usage instructions to install the helm charts. We recommend that you follow the guide provided in the PDF below instead of the commands on that page.

Specific for AWS Marketplace installations, the process will involve accessing Docker images required for the app through the AWS Marketplace with Helm Chart integration as you've selected when finishing the form. You will still need to provision all necessary services as described above before following the deployment guide provided below.

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