Generate Time Per Task Report

This command can generate a time per task report, which shows the duration for each labelers. This report can help you monitor the productivity and efficiency of your labeling team, as well as identify any bottlenecks or issues in the labeling process. Below is the command syntax.

How It Works

$ npm run start -- generate-tpt-report -h

Usage: robosaur generate-tpt-report [options] <teamId> <configFile>

generate timestamp Time Per Task report for a specific team with maximum 7 days period

  -s, --startDate <value>  Start date in ISO 8601 format
  -e, --endDate <value>    End date in ISO 8601 format
  -o, --outDir <value>     Path to a directory where the output will be written
  -a, --all                Generate all-time Time Per Task report (default: false)
  -h, --help               Display help for command


npm run start -- generate-tpt-report 1 ./config.json -s 2023-04-01 -o ./reports/

It will generate report for Team ID 1 from Apr 1, 2023 and put it on the reports directory.

Team ID

You can easily get it from the app URL, e.g. would mean that you team ID is 1.

Configuration File

Just like other command, it needs the configuration file. Simple enough for this command, it only needs the datasaur attribute that contains OAuth configuration to make the request.

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