Adding Documents to an Ongoing Project


In some cases, you might find yourself needing to add one or more documents to an ongoing labeling project. Previously, this would have required creating a new project by either copying your project settings or by creating and using a custom template.

Starting from version 6.56, adding documents to an ongoing project is now supported. This feature is available only for team workspaces and is disabled by default. However, we plan to enable it for all team workspaces in the future. Please reach out to if your team needs this feature, and we'll assist you!

How to add new documents?

Once the feature is enabled, you should see the + Add documents... option when you click on the triple-dot menu on the Projects page.

Once you click the option, you will find yourself inside the wizard!

Add documents wizard

There are three steps in this wizard: upload, assign, and preview.

Uploading files

First things first, you will need to upload your files. Ensure that your new files are of the supported file types for the task type you selected when initially creating the project.

Assigning documents

After uploading the files, you can then assign your team members to the documents. Currently, assignments will be done to the entire batch of documents instead of per-document assignment. If you need a more granular assignment, you can skip this step and assign the documents after the documents have been successfully added. This can be done by opening the project, then navigating to File > Settings > Assignment tab.

Additionally, there are restrictions on the roles available for assignment if the member had a previous assignment in the project. Below is a table illustrating the previously assigned roles and their available options:

#Previous Assigned RoleAvailable Roles


Not assigned

Labeler, Reviewer, Labeler and Reviewer



Labeler, Labeler and Reviewer



Reviewer, Labeler and Reviewer


Labeler and Reviewer

Labeler and Reviewer

For example, if a member was assigned as a Labeler during project creation, then while adding documents via the 'Add Documents' wizard, only two roles will be available for assignment: Labeler, and Labeler and Reviewer.

Note: Available roles will also reflect the workspace role. For example, if a workspace admin has not yet been assigned to the project, and you want to assign them while adding documents via the Add documents wizard, only the following two roles will be visible: Reviewer, and Labeler and Reviewer - because a team admin cannot be assigned just as a Labeler.

Preview uploaded file

You will be able to preview the file that you have uploaded.

Additional Informations

  • You might be wondering can and how does adding new documents to a project might affect its’ status and the exporting file processes.

    • Project status

      • As we only allow adding documents to ongoing project, adding new documents should not change it’s overall status.

      • Assigning the added documents to a labeler who has completed their assignment, however, will change the status visible to them back to in-progress.

      • If you are looking to add new documents to an already-completed project, you need to mark it back as in-progress, before you are able to do so.

    • Exporting files

      • As we haven’t changed anything regarding the export process, you can still use and refer to this Export Project page.

  • Webhook events

    • Instead of implementing a new webhook event for adding documents, we are reusing the project created event. We are also planning to implement a separate event before rolling this out for general release.

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